Hi! I’m Chris, a Consumer Tech and lifestyle Content Creator from Metro Manila. A Digital Marketing Creative Lead/ IT Specialist by profession and a Creative blogger by purpose and drive. I create content in the form of video or imagery for products that I feel bring value to consumers where it matters the most.

The term “Chrisispoint” which is pronounced as “Crisis Point” by definition is the definitive or ultimatum in my perception about a certain product or directive. Originally this was to be ” Chris’s point ” but because it can be quite confusing, and the reviews are focused on giving the ultimate perspective, “Chrisispoint” was born.

The Blog

Consumer Tech

I create content for consumer tech since this is the most viable niche I can think of as I am very fond of technology especially what it brings to the table from different price points. I believe it is important for consumers the ins and outs of what each product holds be it the positives or the negatives as this is mostly the turning point for what consumers would bank on.

Consumer tech isn’t a hobby or a product you collect, it is the type of product you spend your hard-earned money on as a form of investment that can potentially help make things more efficient for you.


Like most Content Creators, I focus on how tech can influence one’s lifestyle, in a form of mobile photography. Be it product shots to be showcased on social media, or a little bit of food photography, or basically any random adventures that were done with the use of a mobile device.

I believe that in this day and age, anyone can feature anything on social media through a mobile device even without the need for an expensive camera.

I very much enjoy creating content, where I get to share my experiences and adventures whatever the situation or scenario is, as we all need a little bit of something just to have a path on what to look forward to.

Services Offered

I’m accepting product reviews, features, ambassadorship, and more.

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