A Guide to Finding a Government Job Near Washington, DC

A Guide to Finding a Government Job Near Washington, DC

March 17, 2022 0 By admin

If changing the state of the country is what calls to you, DC is obviously where you want to be. No surprise there, but the issue is actually making it happen. So what’s the best way to make the job of your dreams a reality? Like with most things in life, there’s no one size fits all approach. What you can do is make yourself as available as possible.

Grab yourself some Arlington real estate, so you are never far away, and follow these tips to better your odds of getting into a position where you feel like you can make a difference in Washington and therefore the country at large.


Take Advantage Of The Internet

This sounds a little obvious in the present year but you’d be surprised about how many people still aren’t doing so. First off, think of this more so while you’re taking advantage of the following tips you’ll read after this. The major thing you’ll want is your phone working for you. We all get so many notifications a day that we just swipe away without really noticing what the message even was.

Imagine a world where those notifications were actually useful. Crazy, I know, but those can be job alerts from dedicated apps built solely for that purpose. Email alerts are also going to be your friend here for any kind of internship or job opportunities but also for what’s going to be covered in the next tip.


Make Yourself Known

One of the best ways to get a job is going to be by making yourself known. Set up those email reminders we just mentioned and attend as many events as possible. If you attended college or university locally, try to stay involved in your alumni association as well. Folks love to give back to their colleges and those who they feel are in a situation they were in themselves years or decades ago.

If you are attending events regularly, do what you can to stay both early and late. Yes, do both whenever possible. Being there while fewer people are around, because they’ve already left or didn’t arrive yet is going to mean you’ll have a better shot of talking to those also there and that just might be the difference in whether you make those needed connections or not.


Keep An Eye On Contract Positions

There’s much more to government jobs outside of working with and for elected officials. We’ll assume you know that, and since you do it’ll come as no surprise that many jobs (especially more towards entry level) are actually going to be contract positions and making friends with those contracted agencies might be your ticket to an eventual official government job.

Even if you are technically working as a contractor, depending on the specific work you’ll be doing, you might even be working around and in the same office as those who are official government employees. Take the contract jobs whenever you can and it might just be what you need to place you in front of the person who can get you a job whenever one becomes available.